長瀞 阿左美冷蔵 金崎本店 Nagatoro Asami Reizo Kanazaki Shop



When Mokumam went to the shop to ask whether we can take our dog or not, we stopped our car along the road, but the shop's person came and said we cannot stop there and have to use the paid area.
When we left the shop, we saw several men with big motorcycles at the parking area. It sounds like cannot park cars, but motorcycles are OK.



When we queued up at the entrance, we were asked to decide which ice to order. The menu was on the cardboard. I think it is nice to use a better quality paper for the menu.

Moku at the entrance."Welcome here"

They have  some area at the backyard. It is very nice to have that kind of space.

Moku got just a little bit of ice. The ice with the condensed milk is too sweet to have for him.

Moku's head looks like the ball of the shaved ice. Next tables people said that we have 3 cups of shaved ice.

It is nice to eat at the outside. Not only the shaved ice, but almost anything.

It was a very nice weather to have some shaved ice.



Mokumum had the shaved ice with the special flavoured syrup, which has a secret recipe. The ice was so tall and have to eat carefully, otherwise it's easy to fall down by mistake. The small thing at the centre is a pickled plum and it supposed to have after we enjoyed the ice.


I ordered "Green tea with brown sugar syrup and red beans". If I used those syrup all, the shaved ice will become very cold and sweet juice. It is temping to bring back the leftover syrup.


The parking area was not next to the shop and walked a little. It cost 500 yen and we left our car there and go down to the Nagatoro river side. Some people was enjoying BBQ, but the parking fee was 300 Yen. Parking charges are everywhere. 


Nothing to do with the ice shop or anything, but I found the one building, which has a noodle shop and a hairdressing salon, but both are closed.


宝登山のある長瀞駅に行きました the Nagatoro train station


This time, we went to Nagatoro town to have shaved ice with flavored syrup and it is close to the Nagatoro Hotozan Ropeway, where we went before. There is a famous shop there, but I took so many photos and this time, I only posted before the ice shop.

最初に行った 寶登山道店がワンコを連れてはいれませんでした。仕方がないので本店まで行くことしましたが、もうお昼近かったんで、近くのお蕎麦屋さんに入りました。

The first shop we went to was we cannot take the dog in. So, we decided to go another one, but it was almost lunch time and we went to Japanese soba restaurant before the shaved ice shop.


何故か犬小屋がありモクを見ると盛んに吠えてました。 ネコもウロウロしてました。
「ココのかき氷で すませておいたら?」と言いましたが、どうしても本店に行って食べたいそうです。

The soba shop was not very sophisticated and looks just a small stall from this side, but they served a pot of soba water. It sounds like strange, but they have a dog and he/she barked for Moku. I suggested to have some shaved ice there, but Mokumum didn't agree with it.


After the lunch, we asked restaurant people to park our car and wander around there. The restaurant was a little bit ragged, but the people were very kind.


There was a shooting shop. I only could find that kind play area for the stall at the small local  festival.


Nagatoro station was not new and sophisticated.  There was a ticket gate with the man and there was no machine for the ticket. These days, it's difficult to find that kind of old styled gate.

It doesn't look like the train station, but a small shrine. We may get some written oracle..??

To be continued to the shaved ice shop.


9歳のお誕生日プレゼント3 Presents for Moku's 9th birthday 3


Moku got his 9th birthday presents again. What's a surprise! It sounds like he has his birthday everyday in May.

This was taken when I picked up Moku and Mokumum. I wear always same shirts.

This is Coco chan. I am afraid I couldn't say thank you.

This is the cake and its container. That's gorgeous.

I found Moku's head and letters in the box. I've never given such presents for my wife and my son either.

After he finished the cake, still was looking for something.

The presents were in this bag. The bag also gorgeous.

This paper has a big blank circle there. We should draw Moku's face in it, but I don't have the good sense of the drawing.

Moku worn his new shirts, which is given by the present.

He looks tired, because he got the cake and worn the shirts today.

He fell in sleep after all.

A movie, which is just Moku eating his cake there.


将門の滝オートキャンプ場 2 Shoumon's Waterfall Auto Camping Area Part 2


This is the part 2 of the camping, but there will not be part 3. I've took many photos, but scenery is almost same.  Therefore, I took photos for a big mosquito,  a moth and tadpoles, but my wife said "Yuck"


We took the site for our tent where is little bit separated with other sites. There was a gap between them and could have bigger area.



The neighbours said that our site was not so safe, because so close to the  precipice and it's better to keep the space from the rocks.
Well, we understood, because there was no white lines, which we saw other sites and no electric pole, which we could use electricity.


The man continued that they will leave the site next morning, and we could use the space after that. They said that their space was the most popular spot and hard to get. That's why they came so early in the morning to get there.


We said "Thank you" and think we better to move to there, but we are so lazy to do that and stayed on the same spot. However, the spot, where is supposed to be the most popular site was vacant after that.


The  round shaped stuff is not for the mosquito coil, but the heater. It was pretty warm, but the gas cylinder became empty for two nights.

Moku is so small and  cannot go back further more, otherwise it becomes just a scenery photo.


The weather was great. When we setup the tent, I've got sweaty, but no worry for that, because we could have a shower. 3 minutes for the hot water for 200yen and I quickly washed my hair and body, but it looks like 3 minutes not very very short.


2nd night for the camping, still drinking some alcohol. We watched some movies on my iPad, but because of the sound of the stream, couldn't hear the words.

We took some stroll and went to the reception, but the slope of the road was so steep and we've got tired.

Moku is trying to find something to eat.

We've found some moss phlox and took photo. Moku could sit just in front of the flowers. He behaves good these days.

Moku likes my chair. Therefore, I always stand up and walking with the beer.


This is the soft ice cream, which we could get at Suzuhiroan. That is close to the camping site. When we were in Perth, couldn't get sweet strawberries. They were so big, but not very sweet. It sounds like veges. This soft ice cream was 380 yen.

Today is 18th of May already.  Finally, I posted about long holidays, which is beginning of May.


9歳のお誕生日プレゼント2 Presents for Moku's 9th birthday


Moku got some more birthday presents again. What's a surprise! We haven't cerebrate Moku's birthday when we were in Perth. Anyway, it is a big difference with that my wife buy birthday present by herself.

A bag with a birthday card.

I posted a movie on YouTube,  because only two photos to post this time. That is the movie, which I took last year. Sorry for not very interesting movie.

I took the movie when this photo was taken.


将門の滝オートキャンプ場 1 Shoumon's Waterfall Auto Camping Area Part1


We went camping for very long weekend. When we were in Australian, I haven't taken so many holidays compared with in Japan now. However, I really am looking forward to take holidays in Japan. When I was in Australia, I didn't care about taking holidays.


The reception of the campsite was this restaurant (Suzukaen). I found the cover of these bench was animals' ones.



This is the windows side. Checkin time was 12PM, and we went to 20min to 12PM, but they didn't care the time. checkout time was supposed to 10AM, but we saw many family checked out after 11AM. It sounds like rough and inaccurate, but I like that.

There was a stream and a small waterfall there.


Because of the sound of a water, my wife said that couldn't sleep because of the sound, but for me, that's not the problem. She said that I could sleep under any noise.


So many Coleman products there. It looks like a exhibition. Our tent was Ogawa's one and was purchased over 10 years ago (not in this photo).


Actually, we also have a Coleman dome type tarp and saw many same tarp there. Drunken man could easy to get into the next doors tarp.


We bought a small chair for Moku, but he doesn't use that and always sitting on my bigger chair.

The small chair became for the water jug.

lots of foods, but not for you, little one! I am not very cooking conscious person. So, this lunch was frozen gyoza.


Camping is really great, because we can drink from daytime to late at night. Therefore, I brought  bottles of beer, wine, bourbon and shochu. That's a lot! Just except Japanese Sake, because I got drank very easily.

to be continued. the camping was three days and two nights.