長瀞でみんなに会いました2 Nagatoro Tour No.2


Here is the Nagatoro Tour No.2. This place is the starting point of the Nagatoro  boat trip down the Rhine. There were so many young people there and some people have tattoos. Scary thing! The ground was not smooth and were small rocks and stones and not easy to walk.

Ichibo and Moku. We can see Somaka san's little foot at the top of the photo.

長瀞から脱線しますが、最近病院づいており、内科、皮膚科、眼科、リウマチ科、整形外科に加えて、この間は耳鼻科にも行きました。 歯科は毎年行ってます。

Sorry to mention about not related to the Nagatoro Tour. Recently, I went to an ear, nose and throat doctor. Now, I've got the Internal Medicine, Dermatologist, Optometrist, Rheumatologist, Orthopedic Surgery and Otorhinolaryngologist. Also, I usually go to a dentist every year.


まあ、基本的に病院はどの科も 行きたくはないですが。

I cannot go to a pediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology department, but I went to so many doctors, but I don't like to go anymore.


Actually,  veterinary surgeons really are amazing. Animals never talk such as "Uh I am not feeling well these 2 or 3 days" or "It's something wrong with my stomach" etc. In addition, they are dealing with any field of medical.

今は、たくさんの飲み薬に塗り薬、目薬と、朝晩大変です。 食後に薬の袋をガサガサ始めると、何か食べるものかと思いモクがやってきましたが、最近は食べられないものとわかったらしく、来なくなりました。

These days, I am busy to take medicines  after every meal. Then, Moku thought something yummy things I picked up, and came to me to get some, but recently he looks realised that what I am having are not delicious.


Now, back to Nagatoro. After we took a photos for all our dogs, we gave them some treats. Moku was quiet when we took photos, but suddenly jumped to there to get some treats. The movie is HERE.


After we left Iwadatami, we walked through the street and there were so many souvenir shops there. Actually, I wanted to see what sort of things they have, but the shops people started to talk, when we got closer to the shop. It's a bit annoying.


This restaurant is not the famous one for the shaved ice, but we had some here, because we cannot wait there for a long long time.


Not the Nagatoro story again. Sorry. Anyway, I haven't taken summer holidays this year, because my job was too busy to take holidays in this summer. Actually, even for that, my salary never changed.



At the Obon (we Japanese think, that period our ancesters' spirits are returning), I've got a call from one of my friend at my home town and asked why I wasn't back for holidays. He used to live in Saitama when he was young.

The friend is an owner of a Soba restaurant, and sometimes we take Moku with us there, after other customers are gone.
It's a good idea to go to the famous shaved ice restaurant, after the peak period. 

It was a great day with you guys. Bye everybody and see you again soon.

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長瀞でみんなに会いました。 Nagatoro Tour


Moku went to Nagatoro tour with Subaru, Ichibo, Botan . Moku have been to Nagatoro before, but this time was with his friends.


Around the train station, many toll car park there and trying to get cars as many as possible. It's bit annoying and it sounds like walking at Shinjyuku at night. Many people trying to get customers to their bars.

ちょっとあるいて 岩畳まできました。ココはご飯を食べた後また来ます。

Took a little stroll to Iwadatami, which is pile of rocks. We went there after the lunch again.

ながとろ駅にはSLが来るとかで人だかりがしてました。動画はココにあります。ワンコの写ってない動画は初めてです。写真を撮りながら、動画も撮るのは忙しかったです。 カメラ落っことしそうでした。

Many people were waiting to see a steam locomotive, which is still running for tourist. I took both photos and movies, but it is not so easy to do. I almost dropped my camera. The movie is HERE.

ワンコOKのお蕎麦屋さんを探しました。前回モク家だけで行ったところはあまり立派ではなかったので、もうちょっと高級そうなところにしました。「ガーデンレストラン 桜」とありました。

Here is the Japanese Soba restaurant called "Garden restaurant SAKURA", which is ok to bring dogs. Last time we went to another restaurant, but we chose there, because it looks nicer.

暑い日でしたが、外のテラス席でも日陰になっていて結構涼しかったです。 すぐ下には川が流れていて、ライン下りをやってるのが見えました。

The day was cloudy, but still hot. Fortunately, the outside terrace tables had some shade and was not very hot. There was a river and we could see some people were enjoying the Rhine cruise.

They all want some foods and waiting.


I had a glass of non-alcoholic beer, because I had to drive the car. In this photo, there is another glass of real beer.

乾杯です。 本物のビール、うまそ~。特に昼間のビールは最高でしょうが、ここで飲んだらモクマムから何を言われるかわかりません。

"Cheers". The real beer looks so nice. It must be delicious particularly on afternoon. If I had some alcohol, Mokumum must be very very angry.

It looks gorgeous, but I expected to have some sobayu, that is hot water in which soba noodles have been boiled.


This is the restaurant view. In front of the terrace, there was a small garden and dogs can walk there.



This day was cloudy, but it's better for dogs. If it was a fine day, it must be very hot for dogs. Actually, next week we had extremely hot weather and many places in Japan was over 40 degree Celsius. We were lucky.
These days, we use an air conditioner at our home all day and cannot stop it. I am concerning that how much the electricity bill will be.


We checked the famous shaved ice shop close to there and found the long long queue. It must be over 2 hours to get the shaved ice. We cannot wait over 2 hours with our dogs.

関係ないですが、昨日(今これを書いているのは8月14日)から 富山の友達が東京に遊びに来ていて、埼玉の我が家によって晩ごはんを一緒にたべました。今年の夏は、自分はお休みを取れずにずっと出勤で、日中は一緒に遊べません。

It's nothing to do with Nagatoro tour, but we had our dinner with our friends, who came from Toyama prefecture. They will stay in Tokyo for there summer holidays. However, I am busy for my job and cannot take holidays in this summer and cannot join them.


Mokumum went to Tokyo to meet them and tonight they went to watch musical play. Moku and me are staying our home tonight.


When I got back from my work, Moku was disappointed, because Mokumum wasn't back to home. Just me. Moku was barking because he really wants to go to pick up Mokumum.

I gave some foods and milk to Moku to calm down, and now he is just sleeping

The Nagatoro tour will be continued.
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またお誕生日プレゼントをもらいました。 Presents for Moku, Mokumom and me


Moku got birthday presents again. It's already end of July and Moku's birthday was beginning of May, but still got the present.

Goat's milk  and a sticker. Moku's happy face.

喜びの顔2です。 Moku's happy face number two.

息子が初給料で買ってくれました。といってもアルバイトですが。 エレキギターのアタッチメントで、オーバードライブです。Leqtiqueの"Maestoso"(Aka MAT)。


私のお気に入りBlues Junior.Ⅲとコンビで音を探すのに時間がかかります。が、それもまた楽しいです。今、指が痛くてあまり弾けないのがとても残念。

I've got the present from my son, because he got a salary for the first time. It was a attachment for electric guitars and was a overdrive pedal Leqtique "Maestoso" (Aka MAT).

This attachment has a big range of gain control and can drive the guitar almost distortion pedal. Just, it has feedback if the gain control turned to full.

It's takes time to seek favourite sound with my trusty Blues Junior III, but it's also fun to do. However, at this moment, I've got some pain in my left hand finger and cannot play the guitar much.


Other presents we got from my son at the time were a collar and some beef jerky. The jerky was for Moku and the collar was for Mokumum... No, both are for Moku. Mokumum asked Shinya to have some presents for Mokumum, but he said presents for Moku means also presents for Mokumum and Mokumum looks understood that.


They are  dorayaki cakes, which got when Moku went to an offline gathering at Tsurugashima Dog Garden. It's better to be careful with the weight. The glass of tea is not a souvenir by the way.


Mokumum really wants to go a karaoke room and she took Moku to the room, which is OK to bring dogs. It's called "Wonderful Room" English word "Won" means dog's barking sound in Japanese. The sign of "Non-Smoking Room" is bigger than the sign of the room's name.

Be patient Moku for Mokumum's singing!



It's called "Yakitori-ya" and it served grilled chicken and is considered as a kind of common people's pub. Moku was waiting and waiting for Mokumum to be back. When my mobile phone rang around 9PM, Moku was so excited because he expect Mokumum to be back. However, the phone was my son and he said he will stay overnight at his friend's home.



It looks extremely delicious. I almost licking the display. It's not the cold water and is a glass of sake of course. If it has a plate beneath the wooden box and spilled sake there, it's wonderful. Mokumum cannot drink sake and if she had even only a little bit, she will fell down instantly. Mokumum took the last train and back to the home. I wonder how's possible to stay such a long time at Izakaya-bar without drinking alcohol. It's also easy to imagine  Mokumum was so excited and chatting and chatting throughout.

Maybe, next time when we go shopping I might get some sake.

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すばる家に行きました。 Went to Subaru's home


We had a get together at Subaru's home. Before that, we had a little chat with Ichibo's Pa, because he just drove Ichibo's Ma there and had to back to work. He has his job, but we had a party.

モクとすばるは のびております。いちぼは、お利口さんです。

Moku and Subaru want something to eat, but Ichibo was just waiting there.

Coronaはとても久しぶり。Limeまで入っており、とておいしい。調子に乗るといくらでも飲んでしまい、おしまいに あばれてしまうとこまるので、ちょっと控えめにしました。

It's been a long time to drink some Corona beer. Today, we got tons of bottles. even with Lime. Very tasty. It's easy to drink too much. I had to be careful. Otherwise, I might lose consciousness or begin talking too much.


Subarus' Pa made special curry. It's very very delicious.  I've asked another plate and made me full. I don't know how to make such curry and have no idea how to make the rice yellow. I know if I left some rice at  room temperature without covering for 2 or 3 days, it become yellow. That's different.


Long time ago, when my son was a small child, I cooked noodle for him and he said that my noodle was best in the world.

However, he left the half of that and said that he had enough.


Here is the dancing dogs. The movie is HERE.


When I started living myself at Perth, I cook myself, but only cooked noodles such as udon,  ramen and spaghetti, because I haven't had a rice cooker. The movie is HERE (not the noodle's movie though)


Spaghetti is easy to cook, just boiled, but couldn't make any sauce. So, I went to a grocery shop and found a canned spaghetti sauce. The movie is HERE  (not the spaghetti's movie though).


After back to my home, I boiled some spaghetti and poured sauce onto that, but actually, I poured the sauce with some noodles. That was canned spaghetti with sauce.

顔を突っ込んでおりますが、 私のカバンには美味しいものは何も入っておりません。

Subaru  was digging my bag, but I must say nothing in it for you.


I fixed the colour a bit, but not enough. The colour balance is not good, but the real Subaru is perfectly white.

モクは、どこにでも顔を出します。 ビールがちょいと邪魔のようです。

Moku  shows his face anywhere if he found some food stuff.

This time here.

食ったら寝ます。 すばらしい生活。

After had enough, sleep. What a wonderful world.


This is nothing to do with Subaru's home, but  it was a tiny summer festival at very close to hour home. Too many bikes for kids there. Some people was doing (not many) bon festival dance there. It's started 6:30PM and ended over 9PM. It's quite long.

It looks street stalls are not so many, but actually, the number was bigger than last year.


We got 2 boxes of yakisoba (stir-fried soba noodles) there.The price was 200yen per box and quite reasonable. That looks very popular and had a long queue. If it was in Australia, someone might got 200 yen here and sell 250yen at the different place.

The Japanese summer is hot and humid, but Moku is in good spirits