みんなでスプラッシュガーデン秩父に行きました。 Get together at Splash Garden Chichibu


We joined the camping at Splash Garden Chichibu, after we did some practice for the charcoal cooking.



This time we stayed at a bungalow, not a tent. Compared with the Minakami's ones they are older than those, but the problem is nothing to do with that. Some place of the wooden boards at the floor were coming off and didn't fixed. It's better to fix them if they charge full fee for the bungalow.


Good thing is that we could use an air-conditioner and some chairs.


The day, we came to the site, after I finished my job, but Subaru's family also coming late because of the traffic and also it took time at the reception, we came to the camping area just right time.


You could know at the Subaru's blog, the site was almost full and so many tents are in front of our bungalow, then we decided to setup our tarp behind the bungalow.


These days, I got used to setup camping gear by myself, but the day Subaru's Pa helped and we could finish setup quickly.


This day, it was a fine day and hot. Because of that, I went to spa before the dinner. Drinking a glass of beer after taking a bath must be the best one.


They have a fantastic spa, which usually difficult to find at camping sits. I walked to there (Bon no Yu), but our bungalow and the spa were located at the both end of the camping site. Very far.


On the way to the spa, there was a dog-run space. Also they have a spa for dogs. What a  surprise!


This is the spa (not for the dogs). It costs 850 yen for 3 hours which is the minimum charge.


The facilities were fantastic for a one day spa. I understand the minimum time for the ticket is 3 hours for those facilities, but it's little too much for the campers.


They also have a open-air bath, but I couldn't take photos. Therefore, I took a photo of the entrance.


I found the same vending machine, which I found at the Kawagoe city. Many Japanese drink a coffee-flavored milk after we took a bath??


It took time to take a bath and they all ware waiting for me."What took you so long?"


Moku's face also said "Hurry dad"


Just after I am back to our site, began preparing our dinner. Dogs are waiting.


No problem to fire up, because I used some left over from the last time and also I prepared a gas burner. You can see the paint can, which I use for charcoal.


Botan's family arrived to the site!!Dogs are happy too!


Eating and drinking at the outside makes them more tasty.


Moku cannot move form the foods.


In the morning, we had those. It's unusual for the morning just for Moku's family.


Those are not for you Moku! for Subaru!


Subaru moved around under the table and his lead was tangled. "Cannot move anymore!"


"Oh It's easy to see today, because my hair doesn't cover my eyes."


Packing up camping gear didn't take time, because I've got help of two men.


After the camping, we started to Hodo-San. At the night, Botan couldn't sleep well because of the different bed. However, Moku doesn't care where and when. He always can sleep well.


To be continued to Hodo-San.



BBQ道具を買ったので、練習しました。 We've got some barbecue gear.


until now, we only have a Coleman Dual-Fuel 2 Burner Stove and I thought it must be a good idea to buy another BBQ grill, which use charcoal.


However, we only go BBQ Moku and my wife and no need to buy a big one. Also, from now, it's getting cooler toward winter and decided to buy Logos barbecue cooker, which is for open-air fire and also can do cooking.


For the charcoal fire barbecue, it's better to have firelighter and also extinguisher.

焚火台は、ロゴスの 『焚火ピラミッドグリルEVO-M』

For open-air fire, I've got LOGOS open-air fire pyramid grill EVO-M. There is also L size, but for 2 or 3 people, it must be enough to use M.

炭は『岩手切炭 楢 6kg』。送料込みで約2,500円。お米より高くなってしまいました。燃やしてしまってはもったいないかも。

Charcoal is Iwate cut black charcoal. It cost 2,500 yen for 6kg including shipping fee. It becomes more expensive than rice.


Instead of using firelighter, I purchased  Eco heart Gosse mini-round stove.


Also, I've got  some tin foil. It helps cleaning up after we used.


A fire extinguisher for charcoal was expensive and I purchased a empty paint can. It looks same, but only cost 250yen.


19th of September, I've got  a day off and went to do BBQ.


Covered the open-air fire pyramid grill EVO-M with some tin foil, then, put Eco mini-round stove in the middle and some cut black charcoal around.


The Eco heart Gosse mini-round stove is great. I could fire up with a gas lighter.


After the BBQ, I put charcoal into the paint can. Then, I can use them again.



When we went to Ura-Kinchakuda, it closed because of the season for the cluster amaryllis. I know we cannot do BBQ at Kinchakuda, but I thought we can do at Ura-Kinchakuda.

We have no choice to go elsewhere and went to the another BBQ area, but it's not free area, and was 15km away from Ura-kinchakuda.

Last week of that day, we had a big typhoon and we could find some chestnuts


That is not the photo I took last week, but 15 years ago. Doing the same thing. The man is a friend of mine. His hair was black at that time.

イカです。(見ればわかりますが。タコには見えません) 。今度焼いてみたいです。
 Just, not the meat, but a big squid. will try maybe next time.



小江戸川越をウロウロしました。 Strolled about Koedo Kawagoe


We walked around Kawagoe Koedo Area. There was "Toki no Kane", which means "The bell for the time"


It was close to our home, but because of the tourist spot, I could feel that we went to travel.


I've got draft beer.  It's superb!! Very nice with Yakitori, which is grilled chicken on a stick. Also, draft beer is good with some gyoza, which is a dumpling with minced pork and vegetable stuffing, and many other things.



This shop is famous with "Onigiri", which means rice balls. This shop's rice balls are little expensive, but it's very nice. It's better to be careful with how many we could eat. They are nice, but it's easy to have many, and may end up paying same money for some restaurants.


They called rice balls for cats favourites, because they use dried bonito shavings, but Moku also really like those.


Mokumum found a ladies dress shop on a small path from the main road. She got a cloth and a pair of shoes. We should have passed through the small road.

Very small shrine.

Moku at a shrine's bench.

Potato taste soft ice cream. I prefer ordinary vanilla one.

Moku wants anything if it could eat.



This is a bus, which can be seen at  tourist spots. I don't have an experience to get in, but once we are on, we cannot see the outside and become only a old bus. Same thing for the SL, which we took when we were in Australia.


We have found a very old automatic vending machine.  Buttons for the milk were 6, but the sample was 12 and actually, 3 types of milks. These milks are bottled and we have to drink there.


Next time, we are going to Kashiya Yokocho, which means the street is known for its many traditional and contemporary candy and snack shops.