2013/6/16 鶴ヶ島ドッグガーデンリゾート(室外編) 16/6/2013 at Tsurugashima Dogs Garden Resort (outdoor)


After having our lunch, we went out to the dog run area. The area is covered by lawn grasses and it's not the problem to play after the rain.


There is a big tree in the middle of the area. In the shade of the tree, it is comfortable. Particularly in the summer, it's nice to have that.

By the way, I go doctors often recently and it started when I went to the eye doctor.


A few weeks ago, I went to dermatologist. I've found some kind of rash or something on my face and it becomes scabs.


Mokumum said it might be skin cancer and better to go to a doctor. Therefore, I went to the surgery, but the doctor said that it must be just a rash and the consultation took only a few minutes. Then, I've got a VG cream, which looks like not very effective.


The doctor said that it's better to stop using, if I found the cream is not effective to me. However, it's not easy to decide, when I should stop to use.


The doctor also said that I should  keep clean my face and not to touch very often. I am afraid that my face is not dirty and am not touching very often. I wash my face every morning and night.


After that, I've got a problem with my middle finger of the left hand. It has pain and is not easy to bent. I have to be careful with that inf front of the people.


At the surgery, I had some x-rays of my finger and took my blood and urine. I don't know why, but the urine test was after the consultation.


The doctor watched my x-ray, but he said doesn't know what causes the problem, because the results of all the test was not coming yet. He said  it has an inflammation, but I think that is quite obvious.


Anyway, I've got some medicine, but the symptoms is rather getting worse. When I leave the surgery, they didn't say when I should come again. Therefore, I asked when should be there again, and they said "Maybe, one week after".


Sorry for the story, which is nothing to do with Tsurugasima Dogs Garden Resort. The good thing is that Moku is quite healthy, it's different with me.


2013/6/16 鶴ヶ島ドッグガーデンリゾート(室内編) 16/6/2013 at Tsurugashima Dogs Garden Resort (indoor)


This day, we expected much rain, and changed our plan, which is going to Dog Run Festival at Showa Kinen Park to Lunch at Tsurugasima Dogs Garden Resort.


They have changed the price for the membership recently and getting little more expensive, but still Moku and Mokumum go there quite often.


We have had our lunch there. I wonder why, but nobody ordered any alcohol, and  that's why I haven't either. Some people ordered Taco rice, and I thought that is cooked rice with some octopus, because we Japanese call Tako for the octopus.


Every time I saw  Merci, she wear different cloths, but I only changed four times in the year, by each season.


Botan was on Mokumum's lap and looks very comfortable. She put a cold pack wrapped with a piece of cloth on her tummy.


Nothing to do with the offline party, but the other day when I refilled my hair rinse, I spilled some, because the refilled pack has extra volume for the limited times special.

After that, Mokumum cleaned them, because she  is a really cleanly person.

Next day, when I washed my hair, I used the bottle, which is at the left side as usual.


That was a bottle of body soap, not  the conditioner. The position of the each bottle (shampoo, conditioner and body soap) has been changed.



Usually, I wash my hair first, when I am having a shower and was tricked, because of my innocent mind.
I almost wash my hair with body soap, then rinse with a shampoo after that wash my body with a conditioner.

However, I have noticed  immediately when I used body soap... Of course.

This time I took photos, which cannot show here for all at once, and the rest will be the next. Good night.


2013年2度目の将門の滝 オートキャンプ Shoumon's Waterfall Auto Camping Area 2nd of 2013

2013年2度目の将門の滝 オートキャンプです。今度はゴールデンウイークでもなく、6月の普通の土日だったので、ガラガラでした。


2nd camping at  Shoumon's Waterfall Auto Camping Area. This time, it wasn't a busy week, just a ordinary weekend and only a few visitors there. Particularly, on Sunday afternoon, we saw only one group there. We paid extra and stayed until afternoon.


It was so hot and I drunk beer and followed by Shochu, then finally Bourbon. It makes me very drunk.


I drunk too much and become very talkative.  When we moved into a tent, I still was talking and Mokumam said "Stop talking".


However, I started to talk "No! I don't stop talking. Well, let me think... Yes, ounce upon a time, grandfather and grandmother lived...".


I continued, but because I drunk, I couldn't remember the story "Grandmother went to river to wash some clothes, and Grandfather went to ..... Uh... cannot remember... Hey, I don't remember what grandpa doing was. Tell me what"... I Think camping is great.


This time also I uploaded a movie on YouTube, but again Moku is eating some cake, which is for Mokumam's birthday. I think I uploaded cake eating movie too many. Next one must be the different one. What's supposed to give him to eat?

This is also a move and is not eating a piece of cake, but just walking.


Moku sit down the small chair, because the bigger one was broken. Maybe, I drunk and sit down that  roughly. Anyway, Moku is on the chair, but it was the wrong way round.

Moku found some foods and stood up. Be careful with falling down.

となりに(といっても空いていたので、となりのとなりのエリアになりますが) 、ソロキャンパーがいました。これは、そのおとなりの焚火です。


We saw a man came to the camping alone. He looks like professional and different from us, who are very amateur. This open-air fire is not ours. The solo campers one.


That was the first time for me to use the gasoline lantern. I burned the gas mantle, before getting dark. At the night, so many bugs are coming to the lantern.

半日で充電電池が終わってしまったJBLのFLIPと、いつも持ち歩いているiPad miniです。アウトドアではアウトドアの遊びが必要みたいです。これはやはり、アコースティックギターが必要かもしれません。?

JBL FLIP bluetooth speaker and iPad mini, which I always carry. The battery got flat before getting dark. It may need some entertaining, which doesn't require electricity. Um, I may need a acoustic guitar..?


I found a small crab on our tent. I thought it might be a good idea to boil, but I didn't. The crab was so small.



Suddenly, Moku barked and we wondered why. Then, we found small monkeys. They were three there. We haven't seen monkeys since we found at the snow ski area it was long time ago.
I think it better to be careful when we left our tent to not to leave some foods. Otherwise, monkeys found foods and drinks and they might have a party at our tarp.

Moku lay down on the ground. It was still June, but daytime it's getting hot and it might be comfortable to lie down on the ground.


We've got a new chair, which is for two people, because one is broken, but the chair for two people is not so small. Also, we purchased a cooler box, because we only have soft coolers, but it was not small too. I wonder where to keep in our small house.


モクマム4?歳誕生日 Mokumam's birthday


In June, we have another birthday followed by May, which is Mokumam's. It's better to be careful when we mention about her age, but Mokumam is going to be 4?. Time flies. This year, she went to watch Les Miserables  Musical for her birthday present.

That's OK for her to watch the musical, because she enjoyed very much, but I prefer rock concerts. This year, KISS is coming, but I am not sure I go or not.

Mokumam got some presents. Thank you very much. We really appreciate.

Just, this cake was we bought from the shop.


The shop's name is "Coccon" and they make cakes for dogs which the humans can eat too, but theses days, Moku has too much.



We posted onto YouTube, but this time the movie is ended before Moku eat that. Actually, I thought I was recording when Moku was eating his cake, but obviously, I didn't press the recording button and the movie was not recorded.

オーストラリアからもバースデーカードが届きました。Happy Birthday のメールもありました。まだ覚えていてくれていてうれしいです。オーストラリアからのカードは、おばあさんからで手書きでした。

We've got a birthday card from Australia too and also email. We are very happy for that some people still remember us. The card was hand written. These days, many people use computers, but the hand written ones are good.

This is we Japanese call "Manner belt", which stops dogs to pee everywhere.


これはJBL FLIPといい、1万円とちょっとでした。BluetoothでiPadやiPhoneとつながります。バッテリー内蔵なので喜んでキャンプに持っていきましたが、半日くらいで電池切れとなりました。


I also wanted to got some goods for myself and bought a speaker, which I can take for camping. If I said that this thing is for camping, Mokumam always said "OK" to purchase. Except, when I said "Oh I want a guitar for camping", she said "No".

The speaker has bluetooth function and we can use for iPads and iPhones. This also has a battery inside and I used when we went to comping. However, it only last 5 hours. At the nigtht, we couldn't use for the movie, which I copied to iPad, because the battery got flat.

It's tiny, but the sound was not so small. The bass was little weak, but I understand because of the size of the speaker.

I've got the lantern also, because J-Field one cannot use anymore. The gas cylinder was finished. This time, I've got the coleman 286A, which uses white gasoline.

We have to pump up, before light, but I don't care that. Camping itself we supposed to do some extra work, before do anything. That is fun too.


9歳のお誕生日プレゼント4 Presents for Moku's 9th birthday 4

In May, it sounds like we have birthday parties every week.

Most dogs was looking at the different direction. I think that is more interesting.


Moku got birthday presents again. I wonder how often he could get the presents. It is the end of May already. It must be nothing at the next month (of course).

Moku put his chin on the photo book. The photo book was amazing. Mokumam got so excited.

It looks too big for him. Even I cannot eat that all.

He had to do hand and change, before he eat that. The movie is here.


Even Moku did hand and change, couldn't get all. The half of the cake was taken by Mokumam. I am afraid that Mokumam got more weight and will be the Saitama mascot character. (usually most Japanese Mascots are not skinny. The movie is here.


Even the half is still big and looks like it's not easy to eat. However, Moku always has a big appetite. I am afraid that Moku has a bigger appetite than Shinya. The move is here.

Moku took my futon, even used my pillow. No space for me.