2013年12月15日 ヒルトップ・ファームへ行きました

Hilltop Farm へ行きました。東松山にあり、モクマムが誰だったかのブログで見つけたとか言ってました。

15th of December, we went to the cafe restaurant, which called Hilltop Farm at Higashimatsuyama. Mokumom has found the cafe in her favourite blog.


Unfortunately, we cannot bring our dogs in the shop, but when I went into the cafe, found a wooden stove and very warm and also looks very nice.

Oh! please let me in!


We have no choice but to use the outside terrace table. The problem was very cold and no other people were outside.

パスタが運ばれてきました 。早く食べないとすぐにさめてしまいます。

We've got some pasta, but we better to eat hurry, otherwise they're getting cold soon.


Next to the cafe, there was another shop. They have coffee cups, glasses, some old stuff, dolls and more. I don't know how good they are. (I have no knowledge)


A cup of coffee and a small cake. That's very small, but was tasty.


After the lunch, we started to walk around there, but it was too cold to walk and back to our car soon. It cannot be a good exercise for Moku.


今日は、悪者が居なかったとみえて、子供達との握手会です。正義の味方は、子供達にもとても優しく、 いやな顔一つせず(表情は分かりませんが)、大きなツリーの前に立って握手をしたり、記念写真に収まったり、つかの間の平和を満喫しているようでした。

On the way to our home, we went shopping and found so many people was making a long queue there.

I wonder why, but I found a popular TV character was there. His is called "Kamen Rider", which means "Masked Rider"

He usually, is fighting against bad fellows, but this day was very peaceful. It looks like he enjoyed peaceful day only for a moment.



2013年11月23日 御岳山へ行きました。


23rd of November 2013, we went to Mt. Mitake to see autumn leaves and walking. However there were so many people there and the parking space was full. I stopped my car's engine and watched the movie "Start trek" on my iPad.


Finally, we parked our car, but it took over 1 hour (almost 2 hours). It took 6 minutes to get to the top by a special train (funicular).


Walk walk. You need some exercises.


There were so many steps to reach the top. Mokumum said "Oh No so many", but I think it's better to do 3 set of up and down to burn her fat.


Say cheese Moku!


This sign said that this could be used to drive away evil spirits. There was paper, which was cut just like dogs and we touch our dogs by those dog shaped paper. Then, they pray and burned them.


I've got a soft ice cream even it was cold and Moku watching my ice cream.


It was fantastic scenery. beautiful autumn leaves.


So many people and full of cars there because of these beautiful autumn leaves.


They were  waiting for return trains. So many people there!! Very long queue.


At the station, there were dango, which is sweet rice dumpling and grilled ayu. Ayu was sold out and dango also almost finish, because many people bought them when they're waiting for the train.


I am sure that it's better to start earlier and get there much earlier. However we always lazy to get up early and ended up getting stuck in traffic. We always say "Yes, next time start early", but never happened.