秋の将門の滝オートキャンプ場 Autumn Camping at Shoumon's Waterfall


The first week of November, we went to Shoumon's Waterfall Auto Camping Area again. It was the third time this year. The ground was covered by fallen leaves. When we arrived, nobody there. That is our camping really.


我が家など、2人とワンコ一匹なのに、 大威張りで場所をとってタープ張って、撤収の時もテントやタープをあちこちにひっくり返して、シュラフもあっちこっちの木の枝にひっかけて(2つですが)、お昼ご飯も食べたので午後まで居すわりました。

In the evening, almost getting dark, 1 car came to the site. I thought it must be solo camper because we couldn't see the big tent and any tarp there. However, we saw the family, which is 2 kids and Papa and Mum. They packed up and left before 10am. On the contrary, we are only 2 people and 1 dog, but we setup a tarp and a bigger tent. Then, we used a big space for dry them all.


It was almost noon and we got ready tables and chairs for lunch. Setting up the tarp and the tent after we had our lunch.

天気予報によるといい天気のはずでしたが、曇っており、少々寒かったです。 あくる日の撤収では、タープと、ブルーシートがなかなか乾きませんでした。

According to the weather forecast, it should be the fine day, but it was cloudy. It OK to not the rainy anyway. Just it was colder than we thought. Also, it took time to dry the tent and tarp.



We enjoyed an open fire using the gear, which we got recently. The woods we've got from our home in Aichi, and also I collect some woods around our site. It made us very warm. It looks like necessary item in this season. We put a sweet potato in the fire, but it was over cooked. 

やはり、11月ともなると、夜は鍋です。横には、100円で買った電子ロウソク。 ランタンが明るいので、あってもなくても同じでした。

In the evening, we prepared Yosenabe, which is a one-pot dish and very popular in Japan at Winter. You can see the small lights beside the cook stove. That is the one, which we got at the 100yen shop the other day. I didn't make brighter around there, because we have bigger gas lantern there.


You can see the lantern right hand side, which use kerosene for the fuel. We've found that at Aichi's home and haven't used for over 10 years. It wasn't very bright, but we could use anyway.


Next morning also it was cold, but I  took a shower, because I didn't do the last night. It was 200 yen for 3 minutes.


今度は、お芋と、 トウモロコシを焼いてみました。少々焦げましたが、美味しくいただきました。

After I put away the open fire gear, but we felt cold. Then I did open fire on the ground directly. This time, we put a sweet potato and an ear of corn. Again, it over cooked a bit, but it OK to eat.


Moku used his small chair there. It suit you Moku.


I did open fire on the ground directly, which means it's not necessary to prepare the gear for fire this time. However, we enjoyed anyway. We used some woods and very very old wood chopping axe from my home in Aichi. The open air fire was very warm and interesting thing to do and watching the fire also felt good too.


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