2013年6月23日 みなかみアリストンログ&オートキャンプ場 2日目、 23/06/2013 Ariston Camp Site Minakami -day2


Actually, the photo is not the second day, just the first day. Anyway, the photo of our tarp and Moku. Inside the tarp is OK, but the canopy is not as high as my height, because I am 187cm tall.

ここのキャンプ場は、オートサイトは狭いし日陰もないので、夏休みとかの混んでいるときは、地面のコンディションがよくてもやっぱりバンガローにしようかと思います。 もしくは、フリーサイトの草むらでワイルドなキャンプもいいかも。

This  auto camp sites are so small and no shade. So, I think, it's better to chose bungalows when it comes to the popular summer time, or maybe the free sites are better, if you could stand with the wild grasses and the distance to the toilets.

値段は、 ワンコ連れなので、一泊13,000円。グループや家族で人数がいれば安いと思います。8人まで泊まれるとホームページにはありましたが、あまり大勢は、とくに自分のようなヨッパライのおっさんが多いとイビキの大合唱で、しらふでは寝られたものではないでしょう。

The price for one night with a dog was 13,000 yen for a bungalow. If you could use more people, it becomes cheaper. They said that we can use for 8 people, but I think, 6 people or so is enough for those.
Sleeping with many drunk men is not very comfortable.

夕方になり涼しくなってきました。景色もよく、 しばらく眺めていました。ボ~っとして何もしないことをしに行くのもいいと思います。

It's getting dark and getting cooler as well. The scenery  was excellent and I watched without doing anything. Just watching. Sometimes it's good to go somewhere for doing nothing, just stay there.


I remembered that when I was in Australia, we back to Japan every Christmas holidays and I always stayed long time at the Singapore airport for the transit. Actually, I didn't care for waiting 3 hours or hours or more, because I usually was very busy and in the airport, my mobile never ring and cannot work there. I could relaxed.

とても見にくいですが、右下に飛行機が飛んでます。 ゴミではありません。
It's not easy, but if you could watch carefully the lower right of the photo, you could find the tiny aircraft. 


The moon at the day was beautiful and I took many photos. Just my camera doesn't have a big zoom and only has 150mm. Actually, I want to have a better one, but I need to win the lottery.


I hung the  lantern, which I bought recently, because don't have much chance to use it. The bungalow was quite comfortable and we moved in when it's getting dark.


The bungalow got a socket (power point), and we could use electricity as much as we want, but I think, it's better to not use a lot. It may spoiled outdoor activities. It's supposed to be not very handy and convenient, either.


私がiPhoneを使うのは、「駅に着いたぞ」 と、週末のお買い物中の「今どこにいる?父さんはお酒売り場」だけです。メールは宣伝が来るだけです。ちなみに「駅に着いたぞ」と言ってもお迎えが来るわけではなく、そのまま歩いて帰ります。

Just one thing we prefer to have is the Internet connection, particularly for Mokumum. Her Softbank iPhone was out of range. The time for using the iPhone is longer than my time. Her iPhone always says something from her LINE members.

I only use my iPhone, I get off the train when I am back from my work and ask where Mokumum is when we went to shopping. Actually, if I ring Mokumum when I got off the train, she is not coming and I walk to my home anyway.

2日目は11時までにバンガローのカギを返せば、タープはそのままでBBQとかOKですといわれましたが、バンガローの外は暑く、早々に撤収しました 。

We have been told that we can stay until afternoon and do BBQ, if we could return the key of the bungalow, but we packed up and left before the noon, because it's getting hotter again.


On the way to our home, we left the highway around Isezaki city and dropped by a shop, which is OK to take dogs and had our lunch there. The shop was called "Chiffon's home".


There was a indoor and outdoor dog-run ,dogs swimming pool, trimming salon and a pet hotel. Just the writing of the staff was not tidy.


We've ordered Chiffon cake (half size) and  goat's milk from the dogs menu. Moku cannot wait!!

We've got a discount coupon, but it's not easy to go there for just a coffee or something.

Moku  relaxed when we got our home.
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